Solid Wood Grades.
As creators of Fine quality Wood Drums, there are many different varieties, combinations and grades available. We have created this explanation to help you chose the drums to make your personal statement.

Solid Mango:

Solid Monkeypod:

Solid Koa:

Wood Grade Definitions:
1. Premium: Hand chosen for superior grain, figure and color.
2. Premium Partial Curly: A combination of premium grade and curly grade, (curly grain is know as Curly     Grade).
3. Full Curl: All curly grade.
4. Highly Figured: Wide exaggerated figure occasionally found in Monkeypod wood.

Or you can choose an Alternate Style Combination.
Monkeypod Combinations:

Koa Combinations:

Alternating Staves: Alternating stave woods can be done either as single staves or double staves. A single alternated stave example would be like Koa and Mango wood staves side by side (striped).
A Double Alternated example would be like 2 book matched Monkeypod staves next to 2 book matched Mango wood staves.

Book Matching or Mirror Cutting: Is the process in which 2 staves are split in half becoming a matched pair, similar to a mirror reflection of each other in appearance.

There are 2 Conga Models Available
Custom Traditional and Natural Fusion:
Drum Models:

Custom Traditional:
Custom Traditional model drums are outfitted with Handcrafted Mirror Finished Stainless hardware made by us. Unlike chrome-plated hardware, stainless doesn't rust or peel do to the chromium being part of the steel. It's also one third harder than mild steel used for chrome plating. We are the only company in the world that produces this quality of hardware.
  Natural Fusion:
Natural Fusion model drums are outfitted with top quality chrome hardware.

Drum Sizes

Drum Sizes: Custom Traditional Model      
Hand Made Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Hardware   
09.75" - Super Requinto
10.25" - Requinto
11.00" - Quinto
11.75" - Conga
12.50" - Tumba
13.25" - Super Tumba
14.00" - Boomba
Natural Fusion Model
Chrome Steel Hardware
11.00" - Quinto
11.75" - Conga
12.50" - Tumba
13.00" - Super Tumba
All drum heights 30"

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