Volcano Percussion's - Signature Full Curly Hawaiian Koa Bongos
   Jack Costanzo “Mr. Bongo” is known and responsible for the popularity of bongos all over the world.
He introduced the popularity of bongos into American music when he was with the famous Stan Kenton Band, which shot him into jazz fame overnight. Jack had recorded with Stan on about 50 records. He later joined The Nat King Cole Trio for five years recording many famous hits. Peggy Lee invited Jack to travel the country as part of her band and after that came endless appearances with an array of stars such as Betty Grable, Harry James, Judy Garland, Jane Powell, Ray Anthony, Francis Faye and even Martin & Louis.

Mr. Bongo then started his own band which then opened a whole new era for himself, recording seven great albums with Liberty Records. His band appeared on television many times on the Diana Shore Show and The Ed Sullivan Show as well as many others. This catapulted him into motion pictures. Appearing in Elvis Presley’s - Harem Scarum, Pat Boones - Bernadine, Jerry Lewis’s - Visitor to a Small Planet and several others. Through this experience he was coined the name “bongo player to the stars”. Mr. Bongo’s fans, some of which studied under him read like a Who’s Who in Hollywood. It included names like Marlon Brando, James Dean, Rita Moreno, Tony Curtis, Frank Sinatra and Gary Cooper, who was one of Jack’s most avid pupils. Mr. Costanzo also appeared with his own live show in Las Vegas at the Sands & Tropicana Hotels for years as well doing world wide tours.

Jack Costanzo “Mr. Bongo” Signature Full Curly Hawaiian Koa Bongos
These Full Curly Koa Bongos are a tribute to this living legend that created the bongo craze of the ‘50’s in America and consequently helped inspire Volcano Percussion to create drums. Curly Koa is known as the “King of Woods” and the “Wood of Kings”. We felt this wood appropriate for a drum that represented a man of his stature.

It’s believed that only one out of 10 Hawaiian Koa trees possesses wood of the caliber or quality of Hawaiian Curly Koa. All of these trees when found must be dead or dying. We don’t cut living trees. When you consider that Koa only is available on primarily one island in the whole world, the Big Island of Hawaii, and only selected dead trees may be milled, one can only imagine how rare and fortunate this is to obtain. We feel, it’s as rare as Jack Costanzo himself.

Mr. Costanzo desired bongos that have all the beauty and sound of the finest musical instruments of the world with the added strength of a “diesel truck”. Jack has stated, bongos also need to be shock resistant due to the quick changes of instruments we make on stage. In all the years I’ve been playing, these are the best looking, finest sounding and absolutely the strongest bongos I’ve ever owned. Volcano has made the crowns, lugs and lower rims out of 100% hand buffed stainless steel. They’ve even put reinforcement backing plates on the inside of the shells. They’re also shock resistant due to the rubber gaskets on both sides of the center block. In addition, they’ve joined all the staves together with a modern form of dowelling for extra strength. To top it off, they’re the lightest professional bongos I’ve ever played. What a joy! These drums are not inexpensive, but in relationship to other musical instruments in the band, they are! It’s well worth the additional cost to own an original drum by Volcano, that’s the ultimate in quality. I will never want or need for another set of bongos again.

    The Jack Costanzo Signature Bongos Feature:
  • Hawaiian Full Curly Koa Wood
  • Master-crafted Stainless Steel Hardware buffed to a Mirror Finish
  • Insides Finished
  • Texas Kip heads
  • Stainless Steel Skin Hoops
  • 5/16” Stainless Steel lugs
  • Stainless Steel Washers
  • Rubber Gaskets on Center Block
  • Stainless Steel Backing Plates
  • Staves dowelled together
  • Dupont Polymer Finish
  • Stainless Steel Embossed Nameplates
  • Jack Costanzo Signature Name Plate
  • Size: 7” & 8.5” x 6” or
  • Size: 7” & 9” x 6”
  • 5 Year Limited Guarantee
  • Made in Hawaii, USA
  • Optional Remo Heads

Volcano Percussion
Michael Gallichio speaks about what he enjoys from his Jack Costanzo Bongos.
Jack Costanzo playing his Signature Volcano Percussion bongos
Jack Costanzo speaks about what he enjoys from his Jack Costanzo Bongos

See more about Jack Costanzo "Mr. Bongo" on his myspace page and Jack Costonzo on youtube.com

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