Volcano Percussion - Hawaiian Mango Wood Bongos
These beauties produce wonderful crackling highs and rich midrange to bass tones. They have tremendous projection provided by Mango’s superior hardwood qualities.

The drums can be ordered with genuine Texas Kip skins or Remo heads as an option. The clarity of sound is accentuated by the finished interiors. Our hardware is all hand made Stainless Steel buffed to a mirror finish. The staves are dowelled together for extra strength and the shells are reinforced with stainless backing plates. To cushion the drums against shock there are rubber gaskets on both sides of the center block. The finish is crystal clear polymer. To top it all off, the drums and hardware are both made in America and come with a 5 year Warranty.

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Partial Curly Mango Bongos
More About Mango Bongos
Here in Hawaii, Mango is second only in popularity to Hawaiian Koa wood. The reason is it has such a cheerful beauty, much like the Hawaiian people. Although its origin is not Hawaii, it has become well adapted in the last 600 years. So well, that Hawaiian Mango wood is distinct in appearance. Giant curls, insane grain and most of all its rainbow of colors. Mango is also used extensively for beautiful furniture, ukuleles and guitars.

Mango is a technically a hardwood and of course the tree produces the wonderful orange mango fruit. These trees typically grow to a 4 to 6’ girth at 50 ft. tall. Therefore, one branch can produce several conga drums. We at Volcano Percussion only purchase trees that have been removed thru natural mortality or development.

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    Volcano Mango Bongos Feature:
  • Master-crafted Stainless Steel Hardware buffed to a Mirror Finish
  • Insides Finished
  • Texas Kip heads
  • Stainless Steel Skin Hoops
  • 5/16” Stainless Steel lugs
  • Stainless Steel Washers
  • Rubber Gaskets on Center Block
  • Stainless Steel Backing Plates
  • Staves dowelled together
  • Dupont Polymer Finish
  • Stainless Steel Embossed Nameplates
  • Size: 7” & 8.5” x 6” or
  • Size: 7” & 9” x 6”
  • 5 Year Limited Guarantee
  • Made in Hawaii, USA
  • Optional Remo Heads
Volcano Percussion Bongo Demonstation
Watch a video of Mango Bongos here.
Charlie Bargas a percussionist, demostrates his bongo talents using a pair of Volcano Mango Bongos in this video clip.

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