Volcano Percussion - Hawaiian Koa Wood Congas
This is the world famous elegant King of Woods. During the monarchy period in Hawaii, no one was allowed to be in possession of this wood except royalty. It was truly the Wood of Kings. Koa is highly prized for musical instruments as one of the rarest and most beautiful woods in the world. It's availability is limited and is cherished by anyone fortunate enough to own it. Like gold, it increases in value. The tonality of this magnificent wood is warm and brilliant.

Hawaiian Koa drums are fitted with our premier Custom Traditional model hardware. Made of 100% Stainless steel, this hardware or jewelry is hand buffed to a mirror finish. Volcano Percussion is the only company in the world that produces hardware of this quality and originality. We were awarded First Place in the Best Musical Instrument category at the 2004 Hawaii Forest Industry Association Woodworking Show juried competition in Honolulu Hawaii.

More About Hawaiian Koa Congas
The tonality of these drums are fantastic. We strive to delight all percussionists with our unique sounds and beauty. Our quintos produce cracking brilliant highs. The congas emit rich, strong and warm clarity with resonance. As for our tumbas, they command bass with their extra large bellies in addition to having responsive sustain and projection.

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Oli Silk - Latin Haze
Hawaiian Koa Conga Styles
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Custom Traditional Sizes      
Hand Made Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Hardware

  9.00" - Super Mini Requinto
09.75" - Super Requinto
10.25" - Requinto
11.00" - Quinto
11.75" - Conga
12.50" - Tumba
13.25" - Super Tumba
14.00" - Boomba
15.00" - Super Boomba
All drum heights 30"

Drum Sound Samples
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The following sounds are provided to hear some of the tonality of each drum size.

Koa Wood Grade Chart    click to view larger image

Mango Wood Grade Chart    click to view larger image

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      Drum Features:
  • Congas equipped with press fitted 1/8" mirror finished stainless steel bottom rims and rubber floor protectors
  • Drums staves are splined (doweled together)
  • Drum interiors are finished (no glue line)
  • Drum Shells are finished crystal clear Dupont Polymer
  • Full Cover Bumper Guards
  • Each side plate is equipped with rubber gaskets, backing plates and 4 stainless steel screws
  • Skin hoops are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting
  • Genuine Texas bull hide heads
  • Optional Remo Heads

What Volcano Customers Say:

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